Botulinum Toxin

Everybody gets natural lines and wrinkles as they grow older – this is caused by the breakdown of natural collagen and support layers lying just under your skin. Botulinum helps combat the signs of ageing by relaxing overactive facial muscles, plumping up the skin and so creating a smoother look. The most popular areas to treat are laughter lines and frown lines. It may also help with tension headaches.

When movement starts to return 12-14 weeks later, a repeat treatment is all that is required to maintain a smoother effect. You will see a marked improvement in the moderate to severe lines that have been causing the wrinkles. You will see an improvement that can last up to four months. How many treatments will I need? When the wrinkles start to reappear three to five months after Botulinum, a simple repeat treatment is all that is required to maintain the smoother effect. For more information and to discuss your questions in complete confidence with one of our medical team, call the clinic on 01323 735635.

Botulinum treatment involves a number of injections into specific facial muscles that are causing the lines. The injections cause temporary muscle relaxation by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses, producing a smoother look to the skin. Botulinum is a non-surgical procedure that is usually completed in about 30 minutes.


Detailed Pricing

One Area Treated - £210
Two Areas Treated - £265
Three Areas Treated - £320