Hair Removal for women and men

Excess body hair can be unsightly, difficult or inconvenient to remove and grows back quickly. In extreme cases, it can be devastating to your self-esteem. There are many methods to remove unwanted hair - none are permanent, but Multi Pulsed Light (MPL) is safe, gentle, non-invasive and gives permanent hair reduction.

At Arlington Aesthetic Clinic, we offer hair removal treatment for both men and women. If you would like to speak to a same-sex practitioner, please don't hesitate to ask. Every patient at the clinic is dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

What are the benefits?

Clinical and research studies have proved that Intense Pulsed Light treatments can significantly reduce the rate of hair growth compared to other removal methods such as waxing and shaving. It has also been shown that any re-growth in the treatment area is finer and softer as a result of treatment. On average, the treatment permanently reduces hair growth by around 80%.

How many treatments will I need?

Because of the hair growth cycle we usually recommend a course of six to eight treatment sessions at six to eight weekly intervals. You may need as few as three to four treatments or you may need more depending on your skin and hair type. For more information and to discuss your questions in complete confidence with one of our medical team, call the clinic on 01323 735635.

How does Multi Pulsed Light (MPL) work?

Unwanted hair can be treated effectively using Multi Pulsed Light treatment (MPL). MPL is a technologically advanced treatment using highly controlled flashes of light that are absorbed by the hair follicles lying below the surface of the skin. This energy heats up the base of the hair follicle, which causes damage to the cells that produce hair growth. With our Maxi Plus machine the MPL is combined with Radio Frequency which adds further heat to the targeted hair follicles, making the treatment more effective. In addition, unlike older technology, the treatment head is cooled so makes the treatment virtually painless.

If enough damage is done, this will prevent the hair from growing any further. The technology is so advanced, the hair follicle can be targeted specifically without damaging any of the surrounding tissue.


Detailed Pricing

Hair Removal (MPL) – Prices from

Consultation - free
Test Patch - £30
Upper Lip or chin - £75
Upper lip and chin - £100
Underarms - £100
Bikini - £100
Extended Bikini – from £120
Underarms & Bikini - £170
Upper Lip & Bikini or Upper Lip & Underarms - £170

4-6 Treatments usually required but can be more.