Multi Pulse Light Treatments

Facial blushing and Rosacea

If you're affected by unwanted blushing or by Rosacea - red cheeks caused by damaged blood vessels - you'll know just how badly they can affect your self-confidence. The good news is, both these conditions can be treated effectively using Intense Pulsed Light treatment. MPL works by concentrating bright light onto the skin, destroying lesions and veins without damage to the surrounding skin, greatly reducing flushing and redness.

How does Multi Pulsed Light (MPL) work?

In Addition to treating unwanted hair we use our Multi Pulse Light (MPL) to treat pigment, skin redness, sun damage, facial flushing and Rosacea.

It can also be used to treat active acne where the light energy kills the P. Acnes bacteria that cause the white heads and inflamation associated with the condition.
Multi Pulsed Light (MPL)

Detailed Pricing

MPL for Pigmented lesions / Sun Damage / Rosacea

Consultation - free
Nose - £100
Both Cheeks - £130
Cheeks and Nose - £160
Cheeks and Chin - £160
Full Face £250
Hands (per hand) £110