pH Formula Chemical Skin Resurfacing

Controlled chemical skin resurfacing offers a unique way of delivering a combination of acids into the skin quickly and efficiently. It provides effective results for a variety of skin complaints such as acne, hyperpigmentation and redness. Typically, a course of 3-6 treatments will be recommended depending on the skin concern and results you wish to achieve.

pH Formula is a pharma-cosmeceutical brand offering a wide range of prescription only skincare products, targeting common skin complaints including acne, chronic redness, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.  The products are maximum strength with active ingredients and can therefore only be obtained by prescription, recommended by a trained specialist. 

For a personalised skin programme or to order pH formula products, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for a consultation with Doctor Grace Castronovo.

Microneedling Skinpen

Detailed Pricing

Chemical skin resurfacing treatment £125

TCA touch treatment £150