Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is one of the safest, least invasive and yet most effective anti-aging treatments available to people of all skin colours.  In our early 20’s we have plenty of collagen in our skin.  However, with age our collagen production decreases, so that by the time we reach our mid 40’s it is barely in production and due to the lack of collagen we notice our skin loses elasticity, sags and forms lines and wrinkles.  Using SkinFirst Radio Frequency equipment we can stimulate your own natural collagen and tighten your elastin fibres to bring about long lasting rejuvination.

Radio Frequency energy is directed onto the skin through optical gel, which is applied before treatment. The radio frequency energy works by heating the dermal (ie lower) layers of your skin without having to pass directly through the epidermis (the surface skin). So that skin is maximally protected.  The heat energy being delivered to the lower layers is absorbed by the many water molecules present in this area.  The water molecules then begin to vibrate from the energy delivered causing frictional heat.     

Radio Frequency is a safe, non-invasive and effective anti-ageing treatment that can be used on all skin types.  It helps to restore elasticity, smooth out lines and bring about a more youthful looking complexion.

Many clients see a noticeable result after one treatment and there is a cumulative effect as time passes.  Results are often noticed by family and friends after a few treatments.  The results look completely natural, and the treatments provide genuine long lasting effects at a cellular level – not just superficial muscle tightening.  Skin looks smoother, fresher, and firmer. 

Radio Frequency

Detailed Pricing

Dual Radio Frequency
Full Face - £150
Full Face, Neck and Chest - £175
Upper Arms - £140

Please enquire if you would like Radio Frequency to other areas.