Minor Surgery

While the NHS has specific criteria to grant approval for removal, we at Arlington Clinic acknowledge that some harmless lesions can cause stress in other ways.  You may for example have a lesion that may

  1. Itch
  2. Catch on clothing or while shaving
  3. Bleed or get traumatized
  4. Makes you feel self-conscious or affects your self-esteem
  5. Causes intermittent pressure symptoms such as pain and tenderness
  6. Can irritate in other ways

Some examples of lesions we may be able to help you with include:

  1. Cysts
  2. Lipomas
  3. Skin tags
  4. Seborrhoeic Keratoses and warts
  5. Longstanding benign moles
  6. Dermatofibromas
  7. Keloid scars
  8. Haemangiomas

This list is not exclusive and we will be happy to look at any lesion you would like to be considered for removal and let you know if it is something we are able to help you with.  If you have any troublesome lesion that has not qualified for NHS removal, or you simply want to talk to us about possibly removing something you are not happy with then please send us an email or call the clinic. 

Detailed Pricing

Minor Surgery for
Moles / Cysts/ Skin Tags / Naevi / Lipoma
From £400

Liquid Nitrogen - £200

Minor Surgery
Minor Surgery